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My Movie Review: The Good Heart

My Movie Review: The Good Heart

OPENING STATEMENT: The Good Heart tells the story of how a suicidal homeless man became friends with a cranky dying bartender. Soon the bartender takes him in and puts him to work. Both the characters come into realizations about each other and about themselves in this dark story.

WHAT's GOOD: The premise of the film at the beginning drew my eye to the screen, 2 excellent actors in roles that challenge them. The darkness of suicide, death, and all the symbolism around it. Also I loved how this film was shot, there is sort of a smoky, gray tone to the film that enhances the mood. A lot of the symoblism comes together in the end too. The drama in this movie feels real, and it may stay on your mind for awhile.

WHAT'S BAD: Low replay value, not seeing it again. I also HATED the fact they tried to add humor into it. Maybe it would work if it actually lightened the mood, and did its job, but it just felt out of place and unnecessary. At some points the film took directions that were predictable, they didn't bother to hide anything that well. I knew how it was going to end halfway through. Overall it seemed too poorly executed and convoluted, which probably earned its low score critically, which leads me to think...Who is this film for? I can't see a mainstream film audience liking it, and it doesn't sit well next to other excellent indie films. So indie lovers might not like it.

CONSENSUS: All in all, The Good Heart gives you a dose of reality, the darkness that people have inside, the characters attitudes bounce off each other and work well, however it gets its point across too subtle for it to impact anyone appropriately. Maybe see this movie, if you have time to squander away.

HALFWAY POINT: Top 10 Movies of 2010

10- Hot Tub Time Machine
SCORE: 3/5
CONSENSUS: "I'd say this is a good movie to see with your friends, the couple of laughs it gives is worth the ticket price. But after its over you will probably not feel filled with as much comedy or story as you hoped to get out of it."

9- MacGruber
SCORE: 3/5
CONSENSUS: "A Fun, Vulgar comedy. It succeeds in making you laugh. See this movie if you are looking for a good dose of comedy."

8- Remember Me
SCORE: 3/5
CONSENSUS: "A little melodramatic at times, and drags in areas, but ultimately Remember Me delivers its surprises. See this movie, instead of some stupid romantic comedy."

7- Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
SCORE: 3/5
CONSENSUS: "As a veteran to the game I think it is worthy, but not of high honors to the game series. However for people who haven't you will get either one of two things and that is cheesiness that you dislike or cheesiness you embrace and love"

6- Crazies
SCORE: 3.5/5
CONSENSUS: "Go see this movie, there are not many great horror films out there today, last year we had the over rated Paranormal Activity and that was about it, horror comedies has been where its at, here we got finally a legit thrilling horror flick, however don't go in expecting another 28 Days Later."

5- I Love You Phillip Morris
SCORE: 4/5
CONSENSUS:"If you love Carey and McGregor and would like to see them act their hearts out, see this. It is also pretty funny, but like I said it is not for everyone, not because it is a homosexual movie, but because the comedy isn't like normal Jim Carrey comedy, it is smarter in my opinon. You be the judge."

4- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
SCORE: 4/5
CONSENSUS: "Not for the faint of heart, or for the person with a small attention span. But this is no doubt one of the best mystery thrillers of all time that I have seen, it is gritty, realistic, and ever so dark. See this movie...if you dare."

3- How to Train Your Dragon
SCORE: 4.5/5
CONSENSUS: "Kids, adults, whoever the hell you are, see this movie. Its worth the ticket price and the 3-D price, I wish I could see this in IMAX. This is a heart-warming tale, that will pull you in from beginning to end."

2- Greenberg
SCORE: 4.5/5
CONSENSUS: "I won't suggest this film to everyone, those who appreciate art and independent film will love it along with those who like this kind of movie, Baumbach's dysfunctional style. This is an amazingly deep movie."

1- Kick-Ass
SCORE: 5/5
CONSENSUS: "Probably going to see it over and over again if I can. Remarkable, artistic comedy, this and How to Train Your Dragon should be Best Picture contenders this year. But the academy will defintley decide against this."

My Movie Review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

My Movie Review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Opening Statement: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is a foreign film that follows the story of a journalist who was just found guilty of libel by court and sentenced to 3 months in jail. He is given a job before he has to serve his sentence investigating a dark secret of a family that live on an island. Meanwhile during his research a female gothic computer hacker who is on probation watches his research and soon they start working together to solve the crime.

What's Good: The execution of the adaption was very well done. There is a lot of emotion flowing through this movie, but it never smoothers you, this film takes the cliche' mystery film and adds in a realistic yet peculiar darkness in it all. This film definitely has a graphic nature to it. It is violent, disturbing completely no-holds-barred to its realism. The mystery has you making guesses throughout the 2 and a half hour duration of the film, the acting is superb as well, never have I seen these actors on screen before, but I can't wait to see them again. Mystery with a side of dark sadistic personalities. This film is not for the faint of heart.

What's Bad: There were moments where the movie wasn't necessarily dragging, however some things weren't necessary. The moment when the film feels like it is ending, there is still a lot more to tell. Making it feel rushed toward the end. The thing I found most interesting about this movie was that it wanted to show the darkness in some people...this darkness has never been conveyd this way in the movie world, and I actually wish they would've done a little more with that. Just a litte. Because there is still plenty to go around.

Consensus: Not for the faint of heart, or for the person with a small attention span. But this is no doubt one of the best mystery thrillers of all time that I have seen, it is gritty, realistic, and ever so dark. See this movie...if you dare.

Friday, May 28, 2010

My Movie Review: Prince of Persia The Sands of Time

My Movie Review: Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Opening Statements: Based off the very popular video game series (all games I have played and beat) Prince of Persia The Sands of Time is the story of Prince Dastan a prince who during a battle comes in possession of a mystical dagger that can turn back time in moments. This dagger is key to destruction, destruction some people wanna get there hands on (no spoilers).

What's Good: Not up to the games standard, but honorable none-the-less. The action is slick in Prince of Persia, the parkor is fun, The overall premise is well thought out by Jordan Mechner the writer of the original game. The Sands of Time ultimately isn't a cliche' historical action film. It isn't even historical fiction, it is straight up fiction, which is why I won't bitch about the accents, or about the historical or geographical accuracy like most critics do. Also a lot of critics believe the premise of the dagger going back in moments is just a set up to redo mistakes in gameplay. There really is much more to the story than that, that is what makes the games so interesting, not the fact that you running up walls constantly but the fact you want to know what happens next in this amazing story. Let me also state every actor in this film did great. Any negativity in the acting means the critic didn't like the character. All these characters made me care. To extents.

What's Bad: Everyone says it is the story and the substance....the story is great, but the storytelling is weak. They chose the wrong things to change between making the adaption from the game. Some of the dialogue went on to long and honestly didn't give us time to care. The video game kept you in chills. There aren't any chills in the film. I think I am pretty bias having played the games, but did I mention that I don't care. Because I am at an advantage having played the game, I see the story beneath the storytelling. The reminder of the amazing adventure. Also I blame some of it on Bruckheimer. I usually don't bash any specific film maker, Bruckeheimer is one of those sleezy producers who just uses money to make money with film. The director behind it Newell is an artist, he did great with Harry Potter movies, his cinematography is beautiful, everything is well shot, however he was forced to add in the CGI effects and weak screenplay which was probably written around Bruckeheimer who would rather spend money on explosions than a decent script.

Consensus: As a veteran to the game I think it is worthy, but not of high honors to the game series. However for people who haven't you will get either one of two things and that is cheesiness that you dislike or cheesiness you embrace and love.

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Movie Review: MacGruber

My Movie Review: MacGruber

Opening Statement: A Saturday Night Live skit, turned into a 99 minute film. The story of MacGruber played by Will Forte and how him and his team of three help America by stopping the evil bad guy played by Val Kilmer from launching a missle into the White House.

What's Good: First things first, this movie is hilarious. Probably the funniest so far this year. I like the attack of cliche' action flicks this parodies. The acting is over the top, the action is ridiculous, but they all contribute to the overall goal of this film. I never lost interest.

What's Bad: Some of the jokes are misses, unfortunately you can't land them all anymore. This film is no where near as clever as past comedies such as The Hangover, Observe and Report, and Pineapple Express. At least there is something new for us to laugh at while we wait for the next comical masterpiece. The vulgarity of this film goes from funny to just plain immature at times. They tell the joke and I would just think to myself, the writers are more clever than that. But I was impressed the unimpressed.

Consensus: A Fun, Vulgar comedy. It succeeds in making you laugh. See this movie if you are looking for a good dose of comedy.

My Movie Review: Shrek: Forever After

My Movie Review: Shrek: Forever After

Opening Statement: Another installment to the box-office successful franchise, in the beautifully animated Dreamworks fairytale. Shrek has gone through many adventures. Now once he hits the "happily ever after" nothing seems "happy" about it. Totally taking inspiration from It's a Wonderful Life, Shrek makes a deal with the deceptive Rumpelstiltskin to live one day like he use to, surprisingly there is a loophole. Now he must win back Fiona in an alternate universe where he never existed.

What's Good: A step up from the God-awful third film. The film has a good way of pulling you into its little world at times. And often you find things on a path where they can become quite interesting, but then they stray away from that path.

What's Bad: This franchise was tired after the second one was released. I don't care anymore, I don't care about the adventures of Shrek, the jokes are old and recycled, and I often find the humor in these movies painful. We as movie critics made the mistake of praising the first one so highly that Dreamworks decided it needed to be a series to take our money again. There is no heart in these films, they are just being made for money now, money from parents whose kids beg them to see it. Kids will be aroused mostly, but the inner child in me would be bored.
My suggestion to parents is to convince your children to see the beautiful How to Train Your Dragon again. At least in that Dreamworks film there were characters I cared about, and conflict with adventure. It says "The Final Chapter" lets hope it stays that way. These are some of the most annoying characters in the history of film. Especially Rumpelstiltskin himself, who makes an unbelievably annoying villan, that was the point, but the point is delivered at the audiences expense who pay extra for a pointless third dimmension just to be annoyed. A waste of my time, and a waste of money.

Consensus: If you looking to give Shrek another shot after the third one, don't bother. He has failed you again. Please refrain from seeing this film and if the kids are begging and yelling to see it, at least try to avoid the expensive 3D.

Cannes Film Festival: Not So Impressive this year.

CANNES FILM FESTIVAL: Not So Impressive This Year.
By Matthew Wade Durham

I have not yet seen any film that has or will be played in the Cannes Film Festival. So this is basically an opinon topic, to take with a grain of salt. The Cannes Film Festival is undoubtedly the biggest film festival in the world. This year they kicked off the festival with Ridley Scott's Robin Hood. Robin Hood got moderately low mixed reviews from the American critics alone. Pretty much didn't stand a chance up against the hardcore movie buff Cannes critics. These critics basically take anything you'd look at and say it is average and they slap a 1/4 rating on it. Very strict. So Robin Hood wasn't exactly the best start, then as American what arouses our interest is Oliver Stones Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. A sequel from the amazing classic starring Michael Douglas. It has mixed reviews as well, some are much higher than normal though, possible oscar bait maybe for the acting.
Three other films grab my interest as of now, all 3 have had rave reviews. Am I dying to see this movies? Not really. In fact I probably won't see any of them. We have Javier Bardem's Biutiful. This has may interest primarily because Bardem is a fantastic actor. Then we have Mike Leigh's Another Year. I haven't read much into this film, but the reviews are pretty positive. And finally we have Blue Valentine. Starring Ryan Gosling. I like Ryan Gosling and he is over due for an Oscar. Maybe this could be his break....doubtful.
I have almost lost all my interest in this festivale by now. I am more interested in what has been going on in America's blockbuster season. Which is dark times for film. The time where movie makers sell out. Oh well Prince of Persia, Inception, and Last Airbender here I come.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Movie Review: Remember Me

My Movie Review: Remember Me

Opening Statement: Remember Me is a love story that involves two characters who have dysfunctional personalities and are grieving loses from their pasts. We are introduced to the smart-slacker type that is played by Robert Pattinson. This character gets involved with his roomate in breaking up a fight where a cop played by Chris Cooper assaults Robert Pattinson. As a scheme to get back at him Pattinson starts dating Coopers daughter, but ends up falling for her. Meanwhile we are exploring the depths and emotions of these characters pasts.

What's Good: Suprisingly a big step up from Twilight, Pattinson shows he has what it takes to be in the big leagues of acting. Maybe not along side the great performances of Cooper and Brosnan. But he does well along with his other supporting characters. The story in this film is dark and very emotional. They don't ever get all in your face with the romance. The story is no doubt the best part, not to mention the way the film was shot, with kind of a greyish color scheme. People complaining about seeing a Pattinson film might end up being pleasently surprised.

What's Bad: The Conclusion in the film seems forced, however it strays away from the ordinary. In the beginning of the film we have attention of Pattinsons character when the romance starts unfolding in the middle, it feels sort of like it is on dragging standards. The restraunt and carnival sequences go on a little to long, then we unroll to a strongly emotional "I hate my dad" story, that is a lot more interesting. It seems the film tries to have a strong moral, but in the end it was just another romantic tragedy. The audience goes in expecting little, and comes out only with the knowledge that they just saw a movie.

Consensus: A little melodramatic at times, and drags in areas, but ultimately Remember Me delivers its surprises. See this movie, instead of some stupid romantic comedy.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Artistry of Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach.

The Artistry of Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach.
By Matthew Wade Durham

Do you remember your first Anderson/ Baumbach film? Your likely reaction after the film was "That's it?" or "I don't get it" the criticism fly in of "pretentiousness" and "dragging" Neither negative adjective describes a single one of their films to me. These are two of the finest writer/ directors on the Hollywood scene to date. My first Wes Anderson film was The Royal Tenenbaums, co-wrote surprisingly by Owen Wilson. What did I think of Royal Tenenbaums at first? To be honest I was a bit skeptical. What is this movie? What is it about? What are the morals? The films follows the dysfunctional lives of a talented, yet forgotten family. The symmetry of Andersons angles, seemed to be conveying a dysfuntion itself, a dysfunction from the ordinary. Reflectin the personalities of the characters. What a dramatic premise, a dysfunctional family. This film doesn't end happily, it is unexpeting, unfairy tale like. I took a couple more views for me to realize the true genuis that is The Royal Tenenbaums. The movie stays with you weeks after you see it, not much with ambuguity but with the purpose behind every thing that happened. And the true moral behind the story.
The Royal Tenenbaums easily made its way to the top 10 film I have ever seen. I truly loved this film. One of the most artistic, risky takes on an interesting story I have ever seen. Anderson/ Baumbach specialize in one type of film, that is the character-study. We are given a main character, in Royal Tenenbaums case a series of main characters, all in which we realize they are in a way mentally unstable. My least favorite Anderson film is Bottle Rocket, still loved it though. It was his first film released in the 90's. It had a quirky premise completely set-up for cliche's but it drew the focus away from the silly plot to the characters played by brothers Owen and Luke Wilson. Luke Wilsons character having just escaped from a mental institution who falls in love, with Owen's character who seems to want everything one way. This kind of psychological film making is interesting on many levels. Anderson's next film would be one of his biggest and a nice 4.5/5 for me. Rushmore. Introducing the talented Jason Schwartzman in a teenage role as Max Fischer. This character reflects Catcher in the Rye's Holden Caulfield in many ways, the selfishness and the need to be the best is really interesting about this character. Unknowingly audience think this film is just about an asshole whiney teenager who falls for a teacher in a already done "Graduate" premise. There is much more to it. There is a lot going on in this movie, and this one actually does leave us with a little amiguity in the end. It is much more than your average romantic comedy. It is about a teenage character overcoming his selfish behavior. A very interesting film.
Anderson first worked with Baumbach on The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, where we followed an old oceanographer played by Bill Murray in a performance of a life time. Anderson's characterization rubs off on Baumbach as he helps him create not only a psychological masterpiece, but a visual masterpiece as well. This film, like The Royal Tenenbaums, is pure poetry. This was the worst reviewed of Wes Anderson's films, with a cast like this you can expect a laugh out loud quirky comedy, there is so much more to this film, the dramatic premise never over stays its welcome. Characters deal with grief, paranoia, deception, and revenge in many different ways. Maybe you thought this film had an identity crisis, the comedy simply lightened us up from the dark dark premise, not overwhelming us. A remarkable film. They also worked together on the screenplay for the recent 5/5 film for me Fantastic Mr. Fox one of the most clever comedies I have ever seen. The humor is beyond most peoples levels, maybe some walk into it not expecting it to be a comedy. But the dry wit in this film is priceless. To not think this film was funny, is to lack a sense of humor in all. If you don't find this film funny I don't want to see what kind of movies you do find funny. Also Anderson explored the texture and literal art of the film in his creation. A marvelous film for young and old.
Noah Baumbach branched out, after his horrible film Kicking and Screaming. Perhaps he learned a few things from Mr. Anderson on the set of Life Aquatic. The Squid and the Whale was also about a dysfunctional family. While it conveyd the dysfunction in a dark, comical, sophisticated manner. It lacked the art that was The Royal Tenenbaums. But to compare all dysfunctional film to the masterpiece would be rude of me. The Squid and the Whale was a character study that surrounded fantastic performances, Baumbach's script was simply genuis. Then ambiguous end to the film, was well done. People who didn't like this film, probably weren't entertained by the comical back-and-forth of these characters, for me I caught the comedy, it was dark, it was hilarious. Recently Baumbach did Greenberg. Where Ben Stiller plays Roger Greenberg in the performance of a life time. This character is riddled with problems, he is an asshole, he is judgemental, and he is other mental problems. Negative reviews say that it was bad cause they couldn't look up to a hero like that. He is not suppost to be a hero, he is suppost to be a person, a person with mental distress. There are other characters with dysfunction in this film, and it exposes the selflessness of Greenberg. The film is more or less about him accepting the realism of the life he never expected. Very entertaining indeed.
Unfortunately there are a lot of "haters" out there against these artists. They will probably never win awards for their writing/ directing. But in my book they are two of the best writer/directors to walk the face of the Earth in this generation.

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April's Movie of the Month.





ACTOR OF THE MONTH: Michael Caine in Harry Brown

ACTRESS OF THE MONTH: Zoe Saldana, The Losers

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My Movie Review: Iron Man 2

My Movie Review: Iron Man 2

Opening Statement: The continuing saga of Marvel comics, and the formation of the eagerly awaited Avengers, continues with Iron Man 2, this story takes place almost directly after the first one where Tony Stark and his ego get him into some trouble with a mad russian scientist. Meanwhile Stark Industries is plummeting due to Starks alcohol abuse, secretly he is sad that he might be dying.

What's Good: The main thing I liked about this movie is the fact that they are actually doing it. They are actually bringing all the Marvel superheroes together. We see small hints of things to come throughout the film and I found that interesting. This movie, like the first Iron Man has some amazing futuristic effects. Thats all entertaining, I love how Marvel is gradually building a world for itself. Also you got an all-star cast here with Downey, Cheadle, Rockwell, Roruke, Paltrow and Johannson. They all are great actors whatever they are in.

What's Bad: Unfortunately the bad outweigh's the good. Remember the dramatic depth of the first Iron Man, remember the interesting conflict and entertaining prolonged fight sequences? Everything you loved about the first Iron Man disappears in its wanna-be entertaining sequel. A lot like Tony Stark the film itself has an ego, you can bluntly tell the filmmakers got cocky and didn't bother developing a legit screenplay. It's all bland, none of the action ever "wow"'s you the story of Starks self-destructive behavior doesn't have you showing any sympathy. The action sequences is what really killed it for me, you can have an action movie with a bad storyline, that is fine, but when you butcher the action, the film becomes pointless. Unlike Clash of the Titans this film was a necessity for Marvel to push forward, I wish they were more concerned with making good movies then rushing their series though. Don Cheadle becomes a second Iron Man toward the end, I love Cheadle to death as an actor, but he is not cut out for the superhero game. What makes Stark so special as Iron Man when there is another Iron Man running around now? How come this storyline seems to have its head on straight but we don't care about any of the characters? Iron Man 2 lacks emotion, and lacks the action the first one supplied. Not just comparing it to the first one, but to all action films in general, all comic book films. Iron Man 2 fails on many levels.

Consensus: For Marvel or superhero fans this movie is a necessity for the continuing story of Iron Man and the Avengers. However it will disappoint them as well. As far as summer action flicks go, it is better than Clash of the Titans but no where near close to the amazingness of Kick-Ass.

Iron Man 4/5
Clash of the Titans 2.5/5
Kick-Ass 5/5

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Movie Review: Greenberg

My Movie Review: Greenberg

Opening Statement: On in awhile we come across a film that is true to itself, an honest character-study. Greenberg is the story of Roger Greenberg (Ben Stiller) a man house sitting for his brother who has recently left a mental hospital and has a series of social disorders as he starts developing a relationship with his brothers associate.

What's Good: Like all Baumbach and Wes Anderson- esque films. This one is a character study, the character we are looking at is Roger Greenberg, played by Ben Stiller in the best performance he has ever done. Greenberg has social problems and does a bad job connecting with others. He returns to his home town to house sit for his brother. While he is there he looks up old friend played by Rhys Ifans and develops a relationship with his brothers associate played by Greta Gerwig. All the acting is at top game, Oscar worthy performances unfortunately this won't get any buzz because it came out so early in the year. There are various elements in this film that seem to have a deeper meaning than you'd think, overall the film is dark with its comedy, and heartfelt with its drama. A great movie in many ways. Also one that keeps you thinking days after the credits roll.

What's Bad: I am a great fan off Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach films, this one reflect their works incredibly. Much better than Baumbach's The Squid and the Whale. However, it doesn't seem this movie would appeal at all to people who aren't already Baumbach fans. They will see Stiller on the cover and expect quirky slapstick. This is a very deep movie and it worries me that negative reviews will come from people not understanding Baumbach's purpose of this story.

Consensus: I won't suggest this film to everyone, those who appreciate art and independent film will love it along with those who like this kind of movie, Baumbach's dysfunctional style. This is an amazingly deep movie.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5 films that WORK in 3D

A couple weeks back, top-notch film critic Roger Ebert wrote out an article complaining about how 3D is a complete abomination. In many ways I agree with Roger Ebert. However there has been a couple films and I will state, work in 3D perhaps enhancing for a better movie experience than in 2D.

Here's my retaliation with 5 films that WORKED in 3D

5- Spy Kids 3D
Hold on, stop insulting me. I KNOW it was a bad movie from a bad unmemorable series. However I did see this at a younger age, and I was wow'd by the 3D. It was obviously a scam for money, but where else could they have gone with Spy Kids one and two. No where, this is the best and most entertaining of the trilogy primarily because the 3D, put it in 2D, its fails even harder then it's two predecessors.

4- Pixar's Up
The 3D wasn't necessary to absorb the magical, emotional spirit of Up. However it contributed to it visually. Pixar's animated films do well because they don't settle for lame kid jokes like most animated films, what makes a truly great animated picture is its beauty and how it presents itself. Pixar's first 3D film didn't show off 3D techniques but just made everything look livelier. I enjoyed it very much.

3- My Bloody Valentine in 3D
HAHAHAHA. I'm serious. This movie is hysterical. The negative reviews came from critic's thinking it was taking itself to seriously, how can you say it's being serious when a naked ladies breasts are coming at you in 3D as she's running. This was entertaining to see an R rated gorey horror film like this. As a film My Bloody Valentine succeeds on many levels. The 3D adds to the comedy, and to an R-rated three dimension not many people have yet experienced.

2- Avatar
3D isn't necessary to admire Cameron's bedazzling special effects. However if you have the extra money, it is well worth it to see one of the greatest 3D experiences in cinema history. Avatar was never about it's cheesy story, or it's fake dramatic depth. More or less a picture to help us understood how far we have come in the past 40 years in visual effects, and it makes you wonder where we will be at in 30 years. The 3D is beautiful in this film.

1- How to Train Your Dragon
I know I might be bias because it just came out. But while watching this I never was irritated with the usual things wearing those 3D glasses. Of course Dreamworks animated films have never been up to Pixar standards, this film surpasses many Pixar works, the only four I don't think it surpasses as a film is Up, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, and Toy Story. Visually however, the 3D pulls you in to the adventure, the flight of the dragon, the beautiful sky, the water. It is truly amazing, almost like witnessing those sights themselves.

In many cases I do not support the third dimension. I hate the extra cost, I never recycle my glasses at the end because I paid an extra 3 dollars for them. A law should be passed that you are aloud to take old 3D glasses to the film, maybe then it won't get so much hate. For now 3D is what is big in the movie world, unfair to other films but true. And if a company is going to put their film in 3D the should watch the five above to learn something on how the 3D impacts their film.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Movie Review: I Love You, Phillip Morris

My Movie Review: I Love You, Phillip Morris

Opening Statement: An interesting true story about a man who leads a life of deceit. Phillip Morris was a happily married christian man whenever he turned gay and divorced his wife. He lived a life as a con man and was arrested on multiple occasions. Also was really smart at escaping prison. He meets a man in prison named Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor). He instantly falls in love, but his life of lying complicates there relationship.

What's Good: This is a smart comedy. At times it has a pretty dramatic tone to it as well. Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor give some of the best performances of their careers. Oscar-worthy if you ask me. It is nice to see these actors taking on a role that requires a complete change in there normal typecast. Especially Carrey, he is perfect for this role. Yes, this is based on a true story which makes it all the more interesting. At first the movie throws a lot of autobiographically comedy at you from the character that Steven Russell was. It is funny, and I laughed many times. As the movie moves on you come to the realization that you are following someone who has a problem with habitually lying even when it hurts the ones he loves. This is a very human movie, and very moving at times. Granted, it is not for everyone. I liked it. I liked it a lot.

What's Bad: The story often changes pace, which is usual with autobiographically movie, at first we get a nice montage of who Steven Russell is then we gradually discover his prison and con life, then he meets Phillip Morris and the love story unfolds. This is where the pace is slow. After this he starts living with Phillip outside prison then he is caught again, then we enter the final montage of Steven Russell. Trust me I didn't spoil anything in that.

Consensus: If you love Carey and McGregor and would like to see them act their hearts out, see this. It is also pretty funny, but like I said it is not for everyone, not because it is a homosexual movie, but because the comedy isn't like normal Jim Carrey comedy, it is smarter in my opinon. You be the judge.

My Movie Review: Une Prophete

My Movie Review: Une' Prophete' (A Prophet)

Opening Statement: A Prophet is a French foreign film about a young 19 year old innocent man entering a federal prison, at first he is beaten, and underappreciated, whenever a big time man Luciani puts him up to a task of murdering another Muslim like him to be put under his protection, he does so. Soon he finds himself deep into drugs, sex, and the gang world overall.

What's Good: This film is excellent in many ways. It doesn't ever hold back from its gritty theme, sex and drug use all graphically shown, and it gets pretty violent from time to time. This is one of the best gangster films I have seen ranking up there with classics like The Godfather. It has a very moving score, and some impressive cinematography throughout its 2.5 hour running time. However A Prophet doesn't try to get pretentious with its look, it is just telling a very interesting, grizzly dark story. I was entertained the whole time. So glad I got to see this film.

What's Bad: It doesn't earn its 5 out of 5 rating primarily because it is long, not that it is boring or anything but this isn't necessarily a film I will be watching again any time soon.

Closing Statement: It truly is an excellent film, dramatic and intense throughout. See this movie if you can find it. Also a must see for any fan of the gangster genre in film, perhaps better than Godfather in some ways? Dare I say it?