Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Summer Movies, Prediction Style.

Must big Movie Websites (Moviefone, Rottentomatoes) have already given us a preview for what's to come Summer of 2010. I'm going to not only show you, but predict they're critical score, and how they will do. I will come back to this blog once the summer is over and write about how wrong or right I was.

Iron Man 2
Possible 3.5/5
The first Iron Man was more along the lines of a 4/5 by critics standards, which is pretty good for a comic book movie. There are actually already some reviews in, suggesting it will go this way. However I think it won't stand up to its original, and certainly won't surpass it. Comic book movie sequels have been known to surpass there predecessors in most cases, SpiderMan 2, Incredible Hulk. The second time is when they are usually suppost to get it right. Faverau seems like the kind of director who would get cocky off his first one and try to repeat a similar kind of movie. Which could be good overall. I don't expect any miracles from this one however.

Just Wright
Possible 2.5/5
Looks like a typical romantic comedy, and there is no reason why i should be much more, however the concept seems semi-original with a physical therapist falling in love with a basketball player. We will see how this one plays out.

Letters to Juliet
Possible 1.5/5
No. Amanda Seyfred is a really good actress, but she picks bad movies, with bad screenplays, this just looks another When in Rome. Plus it's PG so it's trying to appeal to a more pre teen audience, that will just annoy adults.

Robin Hood
Possible 4/5
I have high hopes for this film, I trust Gladiator director Ridley Scott, and I trust the actors in this film. However i'm afraid this is going to pull a Public Enemies, last year Public Enemeis was on EVERYONE including my own Oscar prediction list, then it got mixed reviews. Ridley Scott fails sometimes and succeeds too. Its truly 50 50 between it getting mixed reviews and positive reviews.

Possible 4/5
So far critics love it, not like insane love like 3/5 love. Supposebly it's the best comedy based on a SNL skit yet....yeah. However there will be those strict, dont-laugh-at-anything critics who completely disapprove.

Shrek Forever After
So far, bad reviews. Shrek the Third was a completely forgettably annoying picture. Shrek 2 wasn't that good either. This one I can't see it being any better, oh and it's in 3d so the annoyance is in three dimmensions. yeah. However critics will watch this and be glad to be reminded of the exceptional first Shrek movie, and will give it a decent review. They need to grow some balls.

Sex and the City 2
I'm a mild fan of the HBO series, and the thing that was always good about Sex and the City was that it was an R-rated chick flick, didn't get all gooey with its romantics. It was more realistic then that. The first movie was about 3/5 to with mixed reviews, I have a feeling this one will be either similar or worse, because it looks more like a cliche chick flick with all the traveling and shit.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
I'm a big fan of the video game series. Which pisses me off because this is a Disney movie, the first game was harmless, great story and everything. From what I hear this story is nothing like the game, it might as well not be based off it. As an action film this will surprise people, the effect stunning and such, it'll play out like Pirates of the Carribean probably. I'm expecting mixed reviews stating that it is a fun movie but not really a good one.

Get Him To The Greek
Why does this look so horrible, is that just my opinon? It really looks bad. Plus I hate whoever the fuck that actor is playing the musician, he is unfunny and annoying. It is the producers of one of the best comedies of all time however Forgetting Sarah Marshall, so that gives it hope. That's about it, i'm expecting moderately mixed reviews. Some will find it hysterical, others annoying.

The A-Team
There are better action films to see this year. More than likely, The A-Team doesn't look special at all, the effects remind me of generic Mission Impossible shit. It looks like it is hsowing off effects repetitvely i'm not wow'd by, this will probably be drowned out if Prince of Persia does well, and by this time Iron Man 2 will still be ripping up the box office. (probably)

The Karate Kid
Critics will be pissed that it isn't the original....well they can't just make the original again, can they? This is someone elses take on the original Karate Kid, it might be interesting to open minded critics, but most critics have closed minds when it comes to 80's classics.

Chick flick, with a little action on the side. Sounds like they are trying to be original, but it has been done before, this looks like it will fall flat. There is hope though after the disaster that is Duplicity got rave reviews last year, somehow. I'm imagining that is just the critics getting paid off though.

Depends really. The CGI doesn't look that impressive on the dog, that will throw it off, like other animal CGI movies like Cats and Dogs, I think there is no way I will like this movie, the only thing that can save it is that if it doesn't take itself to seriously and the comedy in it is actually funny and not lame dog jokes and crude animal humor.

Haven't seen much on this, looks like a sci-fi geeks dream however. But sci-fi these days isn't looked at seriously.

Jonah Hex
Have no idea what this is...I probably don't care and won't see it.

Toy Story 3
Critics love Pixar, they can make Toy Story 7 and they will still love them, so critically this film is already covered, I doubt it will be able to beat How to Train Your Dragon when it comes to Oscar time, for once I think Dreamworks has this.

Grown Ups
A fairly funny cast, a weird thing about these actors (Sandler, Rock, James, Spade, Schneider) is that they are all really funny sometimes, but fail often to be funny and ruin movies, if this movies has them all at there best, then great. I seriously doubt that will happen though.

Knight and Day
I'm done with Tom Cruise and action movies. All the explosions, gun fights in the trailer and I beat this film is still boring as hell. Looks like it will have a simple premise behind it, however critics love action, they will take it in any way shape or form.

Twilight Saga: Ecplipse
It will probably be the best yet. That doesn't say much though, the romance and action needs to properly wrap up the saga, there are so many ways this can go wrong, but the directors behind the Twilight series I think know what they are doing, despite there bad screenplays based on horrible books.

The Last Airbender
Never could get into the animated Nickelodeon series, this trailer has a really cool look to it though, I'm glad Shymalan is stopping the whole horror phase. He was done anyways. the only thing that could hurt this movie will be its storyline, if it becomes prisoner of cheesy one-liners and a cliche' plot then this film is doomed. I think it'll do fine though.

Despicable Me
Looks like one of those animated films that will fail. They will advertise it, kids will drag there parents to it, and it turns out to be mildly entertaining to adults. The animation doesn't look special at all, and the plot looks...well...despicable.

Ok, how random is it that Adrien Brody is starring in this? He is not an action, horror, star. This is another take at the Predator series, maybe with todays technology they will get this one right, if it is anything like the Alien vs. Predator movies, it will be horrible. Since it is low key, and not overly advertising (yet) I have hope in it.

Christopher Nolan can't go wrong, I seriously can't say I haven't seen a Nolan film short of the word Perfect. This looks like one the Oscar won't avoid either, since it's not about a superhero. Oscar though? Doubtful since it's coming out in July. I really don't think this movie can go wrong.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice
It will do about as well as Percy Jackson did, it will be forgettable. Bruckheimer is behind it so you can expect some top notch effects, but i'm not for the whole magic, effects things. fireballs and electric rays never look that good, even with great effects. It will be a blockbuster wannabe, that falls short to films like The Last Airbender.

Dinner for Schmucks
I haven't checked to see the MPAA rating on this yet, but if it's R this film will be much better than predicted, the trailer is kind of funny, looks like another Date Night scenario, actors you love in a bad movie. I have hopes on this one though.

Romona and Beezus
No idea.

I hated Mr. and Mrs. Smith, one of the worst action movies i've EVER seen. Critics loved it. Critics like Angelina Jolie, she's irresistable. I think she will get Salt any good reviews it deserves. the story and premise...look cliche

Looks interesting and creepy. Don't know much about it yet though.

Cats and Dogs: Revenge of the Kitty in 3D
Didn't I mention the original earlier? Oh yeah I did, it and its bad CGI, well add bad CGI to bad 3D and they will also probably add a screenplay that is designed just to make money from children dragging there parents to see it. Parents should convince a second viewing of Toy Story 3 to there kids.

The Other Guys
Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg in a buddy cop film. This will be good if they don't fall to buddy cop film cliche's critics will end up comparing this to the extraordinary buddy cop comedy Hot Fuzz. We will have Will Ferrels yelling, but at least we have Mark Wahlberg, normally you'd think Wahlberg would knock the shit out of him, it might happen in this film...that will be funny. There is also a neat ensemble behind this project. We will see.

Step Up 3-D
Can someone say "I'm going to make money off the few fans of the dance film genre by making it in 3-d" blah that's actually a mouth full to say.

Eat, Pray, Love
Haven't heard anything, but it has Julia Roberts in it...can't be to bad.

The Expendables
3/5 or 3.5/5
Critics will hit the realization while writing there reviews that the story and premise of this movie don't matter. With the bad-ass ensemble cast, this film is about pure testosterone ass-kicking and nothing else. Critics will notice this and give it positive reviews. However, what if the ass-kicking turns out not as good? What if the action is lame? Rare chance, but wouldn't that really suck.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Some critics will complain they are trying to hard with the comic styles and the "WHAM"s and "SPLASH" things. I find this original, and I bet it's funny and entertaining. We have Edgar Wright behind this from two of the greatest comedies of last decade Hot fuzz and Shaun of the Dead so it should be entertaining. Plus critics love Michael Cera, despite his typecast.

Going the Distance
What is this? lol

The Last Exorcism
Another no- idea film, there isn't even a movie poster yet, but it will probably be like Exorcism of Emily Rose, and be bland to other better horror films.

Piranha 3D
I have no idea what this is, but if it is what it sounds haha

Lottery Ticket
An african american comedy, that looks like at his a fresh idea behind it where a winning lottery ticket can't be cashed in for another 2 days and he has to survive with it, looks funny, should be interesting, it might blend in with every other small comedy that is coming out this summer though.

Nanny McPhee and The Big Bang
Fuck Nanny McPhee, first one was annoying and bad, this one will be worse. They have the same mindset as the people who made Garfield 2.

Looks similar to a Four Brothers type movie, I doubt it will be anywhere close to that good though.

The Swtich.
all I know is that Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman are in it...They are ok I guess.

Iron Man 4/5
Spider-Man 2 5/5
The Incredible Hulk 4/5
Gladiator 4.5/5
Public Enemies 3/5
Shrek 4.5/5
Shrek 2 2.5/5
Shrek the Third 1/5
Sex and the City: The Movie 2.5/5
Pirates of the Carribean 3.5/5
Forgetting Sarah Marshall 4.5/5
Mission Impossible 3/5
The Karate Kid 4/5
Duplicity 2/5
Cats and Dogs 2.5/5
How to Train Your Dragon 4.5/5
Twilight 2/5
Alien vs. Predator 2/5
Date Night 2.5/5
Mr. and Mrs. Smith 1/5
Hot Fuzz 4.5/5
Shaun of the Dead 4.5/5
Garfield 2 2/5
Four Brothers 3.5/5

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Movie Review: Death at a Funeral

My Movie Review: Death at a Funeral

Opening Statement: A re-make of Frank Oz's british comedy, Death at a Funeral takes place all during the morning of a funeral home. Where they are invovled in slapstick and stick situations, including the blackmail of their father by a gay midget, and other relationship issues that inappropriately take place for such an event.

Whats Good? It's a lot like the original. I put that in the good section because I thought the original was good, and I knew with a three year difference there wasn't much of anything new they could do. The original is hilarious, so since this is a lot like it, it often is hilarious, some of the pleasent awkwardness that not only takes place on screen but in you is a neat touch to a very original idea, that is complimenting the writer of the original. So basically if you are going to take someones idea and do the same thing with a different cast, this was a good idea to take. All the charm is there, and the acting isn't to over the top like you'd expect from some of these actors. All around it is a very funny story and it has a heart to it too.

Whats Bad? It's a stolen idea. There is no originality here, and that's not necessarily bad because I think if they tried to do different things the movie would've truly failed. I loved the original, but unfortunately it is a forgettable movie, this one is going to be extra forgettable for me. Sometimes they add new dialogue, and it is not really funny. Some shots at laughter are failed. It is the IDEA of the movie that is funny, the AWKWARDNESS that is funny, not the loud random comments the characters make. The director honors Oz by not making a flop out of his crude, original idea. But it is short of what i'd call a good movie, and I don't know if I could recommend it.

Consensus: Pick one. The original or this one. They are pretty much the same thing, and they are funny. The story is fresh, the dialogue is lame. I'd suggest the original a little more. There are better comedies out there than this though, maybe rent this movie.

Death at a Funeral 3.5/5

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Movie Review: Kick-Ass

My Movie Review: Kick-Ass

Opening Statement: Story of a teenager who dreams of becoming a vigilante hero soon finds himself intwined with other vigilantes seeking vengeance against a big coke dealer and his henchmen. Basic, original comedy at every twist and turn, a must-see. Probably the best movie of 2010. ( I might be able to speak about the future too)

Whats Good: Pretty much everything, I really enjoyed every intense action scene, negative reviews say its too violent, it truly isn't that bad, a couple amputations and comical violence, lots of blood. Deep down though Kick-Ass has a very war heart, and you feel the heart of the movie during the second half. The music was spectacularly used, the emotion in this film was true to itself and the comedy was more true. The acting is another thing i'd like to touch on i've never met the kid that plays Kick-Ass but I hope to see him soon, not to mention Nicholas Cage's best performance in years. The little girl truly shines as Hit Girl who has been raised as birth to be a killing machine. The villans are very interesting too, not to mention the son of the coke dealer played by our favorite McLovin. They take basic violent comedy and coat it with a nice warm theme, that makes characters you people whose stories you truly care about. Great cast, great effects and not to mention the spectacular art direction, the artistic heights Kick-Ass reach are around that of Sin City's but they in no way over-do it. A VERY fun movie, definitley not to violent, or inappropriate, honestly a film for everyone.

Whats Bad: Absolutely Nothing, see this movie, if its not for you, so be it, a fun action film however that is gritty and entertaining and very comical.

Consensus: Probably going to see it over and over again if I can. Remarkable, artistic comedy, this and How to Train Your Dragon should be Best Picture contenders this year. But the academy will defintley decide against this.

How to Train Your Dragon- 4.5/5
Sin City -4.5/5

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Movie Review: Date Night

My Movie Review: Date Night

Opening Statement: An inspired idea, take two of TV's most hilarious actors Steve Carell (The Office) and Tina Fey (30 Rock) make them a married couple then get's in way over their head.

What's Good: This is a basic comedy film, you can tell that the creators weren't just trying to make money of their comical actors, who for the most part are pretty funny. Whenever the film really wants to be funny, it is, ultimately it is worth the laughs. There are hilarious supporting performances throughout the film mainly from Franco and Wahlberg, who are generally dramatic actors. Overall Date Night is a fun movie, it is enjoyable, never dull, never boring, and is a feel-good comedy.

What's Bad: There's not much to criticize here, so far Hot Tub Time Machine remains the best comedy of the year. Some of the jokes in this movie, mainly the improvisation from the two main characters is simply unfunny, that's not just my opinion either, I was in a person to person theater and it was dead quiet when these jokes happened. The formula is predictable for the most part, at points the characters are tiring and the mood of the film just feels too simple. The music tried to pull off that classic mismatched action movie score but it itself gets tiring at points. The second half of this film was so much better than the first comedy-wise however, and the way the film wraps itself up may surprise you. But not a big surprise.

Consensus: As soon as Hot Tub Time Machine goes out of theaters, this will be the best comedy out there to see, but by that time Kick-Ass will be out and it's been getting rave reviews. So in the end at this particular time there are better comedies out there to see. Maybe if you are a die hard Tina Fey and Steve Carrell fan you will appreciate this more.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon

My Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon

Opening Statement: In a world where a vikings main goal is to kill pests known as dragons, the biggest, baddest viking has a scrawny nerdy teenage son named Hiccup. Shunned by his family and friends as a serious person, or someone who will ever amount to anything, he befriends a dragon secretly and trains it. Meanwhile at home his father is having him train to kill dragons.

Whats Good? This is a fantastic movie. How to Train Your Dragon soars in every way. With Pixar's Up setting the bar very high for animated films, Dragon puts it in good competition. The adventure in this film is extraordinary, accompanied with a visual experience that shows us why 3-D exists in the first place. At times this film feels like a thrill ride at Universal Studios or something. This movie also shows that an animated film doesn't have to be brutally emotional to appeal to adults, this appealed to my adventurous side in every way. I can undoubtedly say this is the best Dreamworks animated film i've ever seen. Knocking Antz down from its number one peg.

Whats Bad? Absolutely nothing is bad. I can see how some very precise critics can catch cliche's in here, and familiar formulas. I know I did, but honestly I was so stunned visually and how tied into the story I was, I could careless that I knew how it was going to end.

Consensus: Kids, adults, whoever the hell you are, see this movie. Its worth the ticket price and the 3-D price, I wish I could see this in IMAX. This is a heart-warming tale, that will pull you in from beginning to end.

Up 5/5
Antz 4.5/5

My Movie Review: Clash of the Titans

My Movie Review: Clash of the Titans

Opening Statement: Re-making an over-rated classic Clash of the Titans is a mythological story of the adventures of Perseus through his journey of man vs. the Gods. Along his vigorous, action-packed journey he encounters many Allys and villans wether it be the three witches, Medusa, or the ever so monstrous Kraken.

Whats Good? The second half pulls the movie up a little, entertainment-wise all around the film is action after action and contains the interesting mythological aspects of the original. If you are going to expect a little action fun, less story, less dialogue, more sword swinging and giant scorpion guts, this might be for you. The scenery is also beautiful at times, but over done.

Whats Bad? The first half, still containing as much action as the second half, but it's boring as hell,who knew guys in armor flipping around fighting a giant scorpion could be tiresome and dull. This film is the result of uncreative prodcuer throwing together someone elses creativity on an over rated classic, then converting it to a pointless 3-D for an extra buck. The whole film is a get rick quick scheme and it shows. It is ultimately forgettable in the end, and while the action at times can be entertaining, it doesn't last long, the final kraken fight probably lasts less than 5 minutes. This film defines dull action. This all around is an interesting mythology story that should've never been adapted to film and then they remake it as a mindless, tiresome action flick.

Consensus: Avoid seeing it in 3-D if you can, its a waste of money. Honestly i'd say the ticket price is a waste of money for this film unless you are seeking some sword play and mythological action, however even if that is what you are seeking you will still probably come out unsatisfied.

My Movie Review: The Crazies

My Movie Review: The Crazies

Opening Statement: The Crazies is a story based of George A. Romero's original film, about a local sheriff and his wife who live in a small town where tainted water causes locals to have bizarre, violent behavior.

Whats Good: This is one of those "beautiful" horror movies, I haven't seen cinematic beautiful scenery and camera angles in a horror movie like this since 28 Days Later. It's gritty when it wants to be, some of the scenarios in the film are eerie and well done that create a certain suspenseful chill. Then like every good horror movie it deals with psychological aspects which contain the fact everyone they know is dying, people going crazy not necessarily from the disease but from the actions around them in general. Then you also have the government, military action based around the whole phenomenon, whose actions seem out of line but in the best interest of the rest of the world. All around the story was well told. The actors were ok.

Whats Bad: There was nothing in this film i'd necessarily call "bad" however there were some areas that could've been improved. At times the film felt like a chronicle, three films in one, as if they took the scenarios of psychological behavior, scientific virus, military action and over encumbered the film. I never felt smothered by it however. The acting was just ok, Timothy Olyphant has really been making a name for himself, he was in A Perfect Getaway last year, he really has that thriller performance down, however with all the local chaos, of friends, family being dead, none of the emotionality really ever felt like it should, they should've gone further with it. Also I was never legitmately scared in this movie, It defintley worked more as a thriller than a horror movie and at times it felt it was trying so hard not to succumb to cliche's that it, itself felt cliche.

Consensus: Go see this movie, there are not many great horror films out there today, last year we had the over rated Paranormal Activity and that was about it, horror comedies has been where its at, here we got finally a legit thrilling horror flick, however don't go in expecting another 28 Days Later.

28 Days Later 5/5
Paranormal Activity 3.5/5
A Perfect Getaway 2.5/5

Friday, April 2, 2010

MARCH MOVIE OF THE MONTH (and a catch-up on JAN and FEBs)

A new thing is being started on Wades Movies, and it is weekly and monthly awards for movies out in theaters. This blog covers March

...with a 97% on rottentomatoes, and a 73 on metacritic, How to Train Your Dragon is critically and socially the best film of March and so far, the whole year.

MARCH MOVIE WEEK ONE: Alice in Wonderland
MARCH MOVIE WEEK FOUR: How To Train Your Dragon


BEST COMEDY OF MARCH: TIE between Greenberg and Hot Tub Time Machine

BEST ACTOR OF THE MONTH: Ben Stiller in Greenberg

BEST ACTRESS OF THE MONTH: Dakota Fanning or Kristen Stewart in The Runaways

February Movie of the Month: The Ghost Writer
Feb Week One: From Paris With Love
Feb Week Two: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief
Feb Week Three: The Ghost Writer
Feb Week Four: The Crazies
Feb Drama: The Ghost Writer
Feb Comedy: Valentines Day
Feb Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio, Shutter Island
Feb Actress: Amanda Seyfried, Dear John

January Movie of the Month: Youth in Revolt
Jan Week One: Youth in Revolt
Jan Week Two: The Book of Eli
Jan Week Three: Extraordinary Measures
Jan Week Four: Edge of Darkness
Jan Drama: Daybreakers
Jan Comedy: Youth in Revolt
Jan Actor: Mel Gibson, Edge of Darkness
Jan Actress: Mila Kunis, The Book of Eli