Friday, December 24, 2010

My Top 20 Lists: 2010

My TOP 20 FILMS OF 2010

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Shutter Island, The Kids are All Right, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire, Get Him to the Greek

20- I Love You Phillip Morris
C: If you love Carey and McGregor and would like to see them act their hearts out, see this. It is also pretty funny, but like I said it is not for everyone, not because it is a homosexual movie, but because the comedy isn't like normal Jim Carrey comedy, it is smarter in my opinon. You be the judge.

19- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
C: The division of the story causes Part 1 to move much slower than we are use to a Harry Potter moving. However this is a chance for the Yates to develop character, emotion, and really make us feel for these characters who will be enduring the ultimate peril soon. One of my favorite of the series.

18- A Prophet (Une Prophete)
C: It truly is an excellent film, dramatic and intense throughout. See this movie if you can find it. Also a must see for any fan of the gangster genre in film, perhaps better than Godfather in some ways? Dare I say it?

17- Solitary Man
C: Solitary Man is a great view of the final "crisis" in life. Michael Douglas is solid in his performance as the anti-protagonist, and we grow to love his characters development throughout the film.

16- Buried
C: Originally scripted and well-crafted Buried is a great experience and its nice to see Reynolds can really act. However, it is not a fun experience and I will probably never see it again.

15- The Town
C: The Town is highly entertaining, and its story pushes forward with full interest. A lot is owed to Affleck's excellent direction.

14- 127 Hours
C: A movie based around this story could not have been done any better. Boyle for great directing, Rahman for score, Beaufoy for script, and most importantly Franco's incredible tour de force as Ralston. It may not be a classic, but it is definitely the most you will get out of inspiration in a film.

13- Cyrus
C: When Cyrus is is hilarious. When Cyrus is is heartbreaking. I felt weird in my stomach with the mix of emotions, but I loved it. Cyrus deals with raw emotion, and the dark comedy behind it in the best of manners. See this film but don't go expecting normal Reilly and Hill comedy.

12- Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
C: Michael Cera is Scott Pilgrim, the supporting cast also shines its colors. Overall Scott Pilgrim shows us something we have never seen before, granted the film has a target audience (which includes me) but it does 100% exactly what it wants to do, and it is very inventive and entertaining.

11- Winter's Bone
C: Winter's Bone makes for a perfect adaptation by using forms of tone, mood and depth in methods that I have never seen before.

10- Greenberg
C: I won't suggest this film to everyone, those who appreciate art and independent film will love it along with those who like this kind of movie, Baumbach's dysfunctional style. This is an amazingly deep movie.

9- True Grit
C: 'True Grit' is a whole-hearted Western from it's gritty action to its witty dialogue. While it is not the Coens best, it is still highly enjoyable and may bring back memories from classic westerns.

8- The Fighter
C: The Fighter, at heart, is a character movie and each character has some sense of development through the duration. Wahlberg, Leo, and Adams deliver amazing performances, and Bale takes the cake for best supporting performance of the year.

7- Kick-Ass
C: Probably going to see it over and over again if I can. Remarkable, artistic comedy, this and How to Train Your Dragon should be Best Picture contenders this year. But the academy will defintley decide against this.

6- Enter the Void
C:  Enter the Void an amazing experience, an artistic, pornographic, supernatural view on the after life, that achieves great amazement from it's highly original use of lighting and cinematography.

5- How to Train Your Dragon
C: Kids, adults, whoever the hell you are, see this movie. Its worth the ticket price and the 3-D price, I wish I could see this in IMAX. This is a heart-warming tale, that will pull you in from beginning to end.

4- Toy Story 3
C: Very funny and Tearjerking, Toy Story 3 wraps up what is considerably one of the greatest trilogies of all time.

3- The Social Network
C: This movie is the most brilliant film of the year. Eisenberg gives an Oscar worthy performance along with directer and writer Fincher/ Sorkin. This goes beyond the simple website facebook to the emotional struggles of its invention. This is the movie of the year.

2- Inception
C: Inception is a very well-made and scripted film that challenges the audience, the question is: Are you up for the challenge?

1- Black Swan
C: Black Swan embraces the dark side of the ballet art. It demonstrates the pressure and anxiety of life in the theater, only through a schizophrenic eye. Portman gives the performance of the year. Black Swan is gorgeous!

FOR YOUR TREAT: The 5 WORST Films of the Year

5- Clash of the Titans
C:  Avoid seeing it in 3-D if you can, its a waste of money. Honestly i'd say the ticket price is a waste of money for this film unless you are seeking some sword play and mythological action, however even if that is what you are seeking you will still probably come out unsatisfied.

4- Jonah Hex
C: Jonah Hex suffers from dull acting, lack of emotion, choppy edits/ cinematography, and serious issue with ambition from the writers/ directors. As a revenge, anti-hero flick and as a movie in general. It fails....big time.

3- Cop Out
C: N/A

2- Alice in Wonderland
C: N/A

1- Vampire's Suck
C: Vampire's Suck is the worst of the worst. Seltzer and Friedberg make Ed Wood look like Steven Spielberg. I now feel the need to do everything in my power to stop people from seeing this movie. Stop your friends from seeing it, get the word out!

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